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12 x 410g Feringa Pure Meat Summer Menu Wet Cat Food - 10 + 2 Free!* - 12 x 410g - ★ feringa (1)
  • 12 x 410g Feringa Pure Meat Summer Menu Wet Cat Food - 10 + 2 Free!* - 12 x 410g - ★ feringa (1)
  • 12 x 410g Feringa Pure Meat Summer Menu Wet Cat Food - 10 + 2 Free!* - 12 x 410g - ★ feringa (2)

12 x 410g Feringa Pure Meat Summer Menu Wet Cat Food - 10 + 2 Free!* - 12 x 410g


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Now when you buy selected 12 x 410g cans of Feringa Pure Meat Summer Menu, a Limited Edition single meat complete wet cat food, you'll only pay for 10 cans - that's 2 cans free!

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Feringa has your cat's welfare at heart and this food is based on a species-appropriate, natural diet. The limited editionFeringa Pure Meat Summer Menu Goose with Pears & Raspberries wet cat food is made by a small family business. It has a high meat content that your cat will  really appreciate. The delicious recipe is made with 97% fresh goose, sun-ripened pears and raspberries, and it is enriched with vital taurine.. All ingredients are of premium, human-grade quality and have been gently prepared to preserve the great taste and the natural, healthy nutrients in Feringa Pure Meat Menu complete cat food. The resulting cat food is just like home-made and even the choosiest of cats will enjoy it.

Feringa Pure Meat Summer Menu complete wet cat food at a glance:

  • High meat content - 97% goose: cats are carnivorous by nature, this meat-rich wet cat food supports a species appropriate nutrition
  • Single source of protein: contains goose as a source of protein so it is suitable for nutritionally sensitive cats
  • No grain - gluten-free: completely free from grain. A cat's digestive system cannot cope with large amounts of grain. This grain-free cat food is a great way to ensure your pet has a natural, appropriate diet. Feringa is also gluten-free
  • Gently prepared: all ingredients are cold-filled and then gently cooked to retain as many nutrients as possible
  • Recipe only uses named ingredients: prepared using only the named ingredients
  • High quality ingredients: Feringa does not believe in using meat and bone meal, low-grade vegetable by-products, slaughterhouse waste, artificial colouring, preservatives or taste enhancers
  • With taurine: taurine is important for healthy eyesight and cardiac function. Feringa helps to ensure your cat has sufficient taurine in its diet.
  • Optimum calcium - phosphorus ratio: it is important that your cat has correct calcium-phosphorus ratio to stay healthy. Feringa Pure Meat Menu cat food has a calcium-phosphorus ratio of 1.17
  • With Spirulina: rich in important minerals and essential amino acids
  • Soya-free – lactose-free: Feringa is a premium wet cat food and free of soya and lactose. It is suitable for cats with sensitive digestions
  • Made by a small family business: Feringa wet cat food is made with love and care by a small family business in Southern Germany, where creating natural and species appropriate nutrition is at the heart of the business
This Limited Edition is only available while stocks last.

Feringa Pure Meat wet cat food is also available in lots of other mouthwatering varieties. Each contains a minimum of 95% meat and just 1 source of protein. All ingredients are of human-grade food quality. Take a look here

Feringa – Lovingly prepared, just like home-made! A natural, species appropriate food for your pet.

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Complete wet cat food for adult cats

Goose with Pears & Raspberries: 97.8% goose (60% meat, 20% heart, 15% liver, 5% gizzards), 1% raspberries, 1% pears, 0.1% spirulina, 0.1 % minerals.

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives: Vitamin D3 300 IU, vitamin E 40 IU, zinc (as zinc sulphate, monohydrate) 34mg, manganese (as manganese(II) oxide) 2mg, copper (as copper(II) sulphate, pentahydrate) 2mg, iodine (calcium iodate) 0.45mg, taurine 700mg, selenium 0.10mg

Energy per kg:
ME (FEDIAF, 2019) 494 kJ / 118 kcal


Analytical constituents

protein9.9 %
fat8.9 %
fibre0.3 %
ash1.7 %
calcium0.27 %
phosphorus0.23 %
moisture78.3 %
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